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Use Cases & Applications

Poket's Focus Areas

Our solution is best for projects where self-reported data, community-based insights, participatory research and citizen-generated data are relevant. Below are three of the key focus areas we work in.

Agriculture & Environment

Mapping Farm Plots & Boundaries
Crowdsourcing Commodity Prices
Self-Reporting Quality of Crops
Climate / Environmental Observations
Early-Warning Detection of Pests & Invasive Species
Groundtruthing for Satellite Imagery

Global Health & Nutrition

Self-Reporting Quality of Care
Community-Based Mapping of Healthcare Locations
Crowdsourcing Accessibility and Prices of Products/Supplies
Self-Reporting Dietary Habits
Self-Reporting Feedback on an Intervention/Trial
Crowdsourcing Insights on Disease Vectors
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Urban Research

Mapping Building Accessibility
Citizen-Generated Data on Public Policies
Mystery Shopper Studies
Reporting Quality of Public Services and Infrastructure
Mapping Safe Spaces for Minority Groups
Community-Based Surveillance of Crime
Self-Reporting Safety & Abuse Indicators

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