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A customizable data collection solution for community-based and self-reported insights.

Empower citizens, students, research participants and field teams to submit data and receive rewards.

3 Simple Steps

How Does Poket Work?

Poket works with organizations and researchers to customize a suite of mobile tools that they can use to crowdsource data for a project or program.

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1. Share Your Needs

Tell us what your data collection project is all about. We’ll customize a suite of mobile and desktop apps for your needs.

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2. Empower Your Contributors

Put our tools in the hands of your data contributors. They will receive points that can be converted to rewards based on your verification of their work.

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3. Access New Insights

We'll build out a custom dashboard for you to visualize, filter, monitor and download the data as it's collected in real-time.

Contra Legem Facit Qui Id Facit

Contra Legem Facit Qui Id Facit

Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. A communi observantia non est recedendum.

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Continue Reading

3-Key Tools

Our Products

Poket has three key tools that enable contributors to enter data and project teams to screen and visualize it in real time.

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Use Cases & Applications

Areas of Focus

Our focus is on projects where self-reported data, community-based insights, participatory research and citizen-generated data are relevant.

Partners & Enablers

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Whether you have questions about a specific project or have a couple questions, we are here to help! Feel free to reach out and we will answer the questions you may have.

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