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The most powerful field data collection software for community-based and self-reported insights.

Empower your field teams, research participants, students or citizens to contribute data, receive rewards and access new insights - even while offline.

Three Simple Steps

How Does Poket Work?

Poket works with organizations and researchers to customize a suite of mobile and desktop tools for any data collection project.

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1. Share Your Needs

Tell us what your data collection project is all about. We'll help configure a suite of data collection apps for completing surveys and sharing insights.

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2. Empower Your Contributors

Put our tools in the hands of your data contributors. They will receive points that can be converted to rewards based on your verification of their work.

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3. Access and Share New Insights

We can help configure a custom dashboard for you to verify, visualize, filter, monitor and download data as it's collected in real-time.

Easy to Use Tools

Our Survey Software Solution

Poket's solution consists of two key tools that enable contributors to generate data and access resources, while project teams can manage the project and data.

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Use Cases & Applications

Areas of Focus

Poket specializes in projects where self-reported data, community-led monitoring, crowdsourcing, citizen-generated data, community-feedback loops and participatory research are relevant.

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Want to learn more about our solution and see if we’re a good fit for your next project? Let’s talk!

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