An out of the box solution for deploying crowdsourcing engagements

Generate location-specific insights by leveraging the power of community and rewarding it back in the process.

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Three Simple Steps

How Does POKET Work?

POKET works with researchers and organizations to customize a suite of mobile tools for crowdsourcing data. Ideal use-cases include self-reported data, citizen-generated data, high frequency data collection or participatory mapping


Put POKET in the hands of your research participants, program beneficiaries, citizens, students, drivers or field teams to contribute data and receive rewards!

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1. Share Your Needs

Tell us what your mapping/data collection and insights needs are. We’ll build out custom apps for crowdsourcing it and verifying it in real-time.

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2. Mobilize Your Contributors

Activate your contributors on the ground. They’ll receive points, based on your verification of their work. This means you’ll only spend resources when data is accurate!

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3. Monitor Your Engagement

Access a custom dashboard to visualize and filter data, while monitoring your participants contributions.


3-Key Tools

Our Solution

Custom Crowdsourcing App

A mobile app for users in the community to generate location-specific data and receive points/rewards for their contributions.

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Users can view contributions made by others within the community

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Offline/Low Bandwidth Settings

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Optimized for Low Cost Devices

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Allow Users to Receive Points Redeemable for Rewards


Desktop Dashboard

Interface with the crowdsourced data and oversee your participants activities and contributions.

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Visualize Crowdsourced Data

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View User Activity and Contributions

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Filter by Location/Dates

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Monitor Data in Real Time

Data Verification Tool

A mobile app tool to approve/reject crowdsourced data as it is generated to ensure only high-quality data enters the database.

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Verify Images

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Verify Phone Numbers

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Detect Duplicate Entries

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Merge & Replace

Geotagged Images

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Meet Our Team

Abasifreke James

Product Lead


Kamil Shafiq

Business Lead

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Naba Siddiqui


Technology Lead


Partners & Enablers

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

POKET's Impact

POKET's platform creates new forms of task-based work via smartphone. Often times, the data generated using our platform tends to shed new light on marginalized communities that have traditionally been data-scarce.


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