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Global Health, Nutrition & Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH)

Transforming Global Health & Nutrition with Advanced Data Collection and Analysis

Elevate your impact in global health and nutrition with Poket's robust mobile data collection platform. Our solution empowers health organizations, governments, NGOs, and researchers to gather critical health and nutritional data effortlessly, even in the most remote areas. Track health outcomes, monitor nutrition programs, and deploy resources effectively with our intuitive and secure application. Poket's technology enables seamless data gathering on patient health, disease prevalence, community-health and nutrition accessibility - all contributing to improved healthcare services and policy-making. Start your data collection journey towards a healthier world by leveraging Poket's advanced data capabilities for your global health and nutrition initiatives, staring with some of the use-cases below:

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Crowdsourcing Accessibility and Prices of Products/Supplies

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Community-Based Mapping of Healthcare Locations

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Monitoring Uptake & Adherence to Health Programs

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Crowdsourcing Insights on Disease Vectors

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Self-Reporting Dietary Habits


Tracking Water Quality & Access


Self-Reporting Quality of Care & Wait Times

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Empowering Community-Health Workers In the Field

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Self-Reporting Feedback on an Intervention/Trial

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Tracking Hygiene Practices & Promotion

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Tracking Patient Follow-Up & Treatment Adherence


Self-Reporting Air & Water Quality

Additional Focus Areas

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