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Use Cases & Applications

Poket's Focus Areas

Our solution is used for traditional field research applications around the world. However, we have a growing focus on projects where self-reported data, community-led monitoring, crowdsourcing, citizen-generated data, community-feedback loops and participatory research are relevant. Below are some of the key focus areas we work in.


Agriculture & Environment

Climate & Environmental Observations

Farmers Self-Reporting Best Management Practices & Climate-Smart Interventions

Mapping Farm Plots & Boundaries

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Tracking Urban Farming & Community-Garden Practices

noun-soil-4421156 1.png

Tracking Air, Water & Soil Quality

Crop Quality & Livestock Monitoring

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Crowdsourcing Commodity Prices

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Early-Warning Detection of Pests & Invasive Species


Self-Reporting Climate-Related Events & Emergencies

Urban & Financial Inclusion


Crowdsourcing Open Waste & Pollution


Completing Housing & Real-Estate Audits

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Citizen-Generated Data on Public Policies


Mystery Shopper Studies

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Mapping Safe Spaces for Minority Groups

quality-svgrepo-com 1.png

Reporting Quality of Public Services and Infrastructure


Community-Engagement in Urban Planning

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Mapping & Tracking Built Environments


Tracking Savings Groups & Microfinance Programs


Self-Reporting Experience with Community Services

Global Health, Nutrition & Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

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Crowdsourcing Accessibility and Prices of Products/Supplies


Self-Reporting Quality of Care & Wait Times

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Empowering Community-Health Workers In the Field

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Community-Based Mapping of Healthcare Locations

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Self-Reporting Feedback on an Intervention/Trial

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Monitoring Uptake & Adherence to Health Programs

hygiene-wash-hands-soap-svgrepo-com 1.png

Tracking Hygiene Practices & Promotion

coronavirus-outlined-24px 2.png

Crowdsourcing Insights on Disease Vectors

diet-health 1.png

Self-Reporting Dietary Habits

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