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Who We Are

About Us

Poket is an impact-driven software company proudly based in Toronto, Canada, with an international focus. Our software is used across 20+ countries by businesses, NGOs, research agencies and academics working across several sectors. Poket’s technology powers everyone from farmers in Nigeria crowdsourcing the price of soybeans in their local markets to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh reporting the quality of hand washing stations in a UNCHR camp.

Poket has had the privilege of presenting at the United Nations General Assembly, MIT SOLVE, the World Bank, the MBR Initiative for Global Prosperity, Utopia’s Urban Innovation Program and many more. Our founding team have been selected as the Top 30 Under 30 Developers for Canada and as one of the world’s “SOLVERS” by MIT for our innovation in community-driven insights. Our mission remains simple: to empower communities with the tools to generate data and access new insights - no matter what corner of the earth they may be in.


Meet Our Team

Kamil Shafiq

Business Lead

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Naba Siddiqui

Technology Lead

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Supporters & Accelerators

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