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Agriculture & Environment

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management with Last-Mile Data Collection Solutions

Unlock the future of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation with Poket's data collection technology. Our platform revolutionizes how you gather and analyze agriculture and food data, enabling farmers, researchers, and policymakers to generate new data and unlock new insights. With features like real-time reporting and data verification, GPS mapping, and offline data collection, we support initiatives in crop monitoring, soil health assessment, and climate-smart practices. Embrace the power of self-reported and crowdsourced data to optimize resource management, enhance food security, and adapt to changing environmental conditions. Join the ranks of global leaders in sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship by integrating Poket's technology into your strategy, starting with some of the use-cases below:

Climate & Environmental Observations

Farmers Self-Reporting Best Management Practices & Climate-Smart Interventions

Crop Quality & Livestock Monitoring

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Crowdsourcing Commodity Prices

Mapping Farm Plots & Boundaries

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Tracking Urban Farming & Community-Garden Practices

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Tracking Air, Water & Soil Quality

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Early-Warning Detection of Pests & Invasive Species

Endangered Species Reporting


Self-Reporting Climate-Related Events & Emergencies

Self-Reporting Quality of Crops

Reporting Plant-Based & Livestock-Based Disease

Groundtruthing for Satellite Imagery

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