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Urban & Financial Inclusion

Driving Urban and Financial Inclusion Through Dynamic Data Collection & Insights

Poket is at the forefront of fostering urban and financial inclusion through our community-led approach to data collection. Our platform is designed to address the unique challenges of urban development and financial accessibility. With our user-friendly mobile app, collect and analyze data on urban infrastructure, community needs, public policies and financial services accessibility. Our technology empowers NGOs urban planners, financial institutions, and community organizations to make data-driven decisions, promoting inclusive urban growth and enhancing access to financial services. Embrace Poket's tools to unlock new insights in urban planning and financial inclusion, creating equitable and thriving communities, starting with some of the use-cases below:


Crowdsourcing Open Waste & Pollution


Completing Housing & Real-Estate Audits

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Citizen-Generated Data on Public Policies


Mystery Shopper Studies

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Mapping Safe Spaces for Minority Groups

Mapping Building Accessibility

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Education Programs

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Reporting Quality of Public Services and Infrastructure


Community-Engagement in Urban Planning

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Mapping & Tracking Built Environments


Tracking Savings Groups & Microfinance Programs


Self-Reporting Experience with Community Services

Tracking Traffic & Transportation Obervations

Community-Based Surveillance of Crime

Self-Reporting Safety & Abuse Indicators

Additional Focus Areas

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