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3-Key Tools

Our Products

Poket's solution consists of three key tools that enable contributors to complete tasks and project teams to screen and visualize it in real-time.


Our team helps customizes a data collection solution for your project, from the language in-app to the rewards you want to use as incentives.

Privacy & Security

Poket's solution is encrypted end-to-end, has authenticated and secure access for all tools and can be customized for different privacy and security requirements.


Our tools gamify the experience around data collection and verification, increasing engagement and providing feedback to data contributors in real-time.

Poket (Data Capture App)

A mobile app for data contributors to complete tasks, submit data and receive feedback, points and rewards in real-time.

Users can view and edit each other's submissions on a community-facing map or dashboard

Data Can Be Entered Offline

Optimized for Low-Cost Smartphones

Allow Users to Receive Points Redeemable for Rewards

Inspector (Data Verification App)

A mobile app for organizations to approve/reject crowdsourced data to ensure only high-quality enters the database.

Approve and Reject Data in Real-Time

Provide Custom Rationales for Rejection

Duplicate Entry Verification

Geotagged Proof of Image Capture

Portal (Real-Time Dashboard)

Organizations/researchers can interact with the crowdsourced data to view and uncover new insights.

Visualized and Monitor Data in Real Time

Filter Location/Dates

View User Activity and Contributions

Export Your Data in a Single Click

Want to learn more about our products and see if they’re a good fit for your next project? Let’s talk!

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Whether you have questions about a specific project or have a couple questions, we are here to help! Feel free to reach out and we will answer the questions you may have.

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